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You have a sustainable business to run, we are here to help. Let's make lasting change.

Our Transformative Vision

We are taking on business sustainability issues head on... but we cannot do it without you. The chances are high that you work for a business. Do you ever wonder how to make lasting change in your business or place of work?

We at Sustainable You believe that the most important aspect of sustainable development is bringing people together. As technology advances, the definition of a sustainability is shifting towards a higher standard day by day. 

How do businesses keep up with this speedy rate of innovation? 

Our solution is an online community dedicating ourselves to rooting business owners, collaborators, and entire companies with business sustainability counsel and data.

The two prong approach to business sustainability...

  1. Our online community platform 
  2. ESG Collaborative Services

The ESG Research Center

Understand the complexity of ESG investing and business sustainability with in-depth analysis from ESG and Sustainability experts.

  • Interviews with ESG Investment Professionals 
  • ESG & Sustainable Business Development Courses
  • Business Reports
  • Research Snapshot Archive
  • Lively Discussion Boards
  • Q&A Forums

Why Sustainable You?

Our online community believes that the best way to increase sustainable development is through positivity and hope. To create a new vision for any business there requires a purpose. Our purpose is to guide your business down the path towards freedom through sustainability. Our cornerstone is the experience of those who have years of experience working in the field and case studies of businesses similar to yours. Align your business with the sustainability goals with those in our network inspire change and see all that is possible by becoming a more Sustainable You!

Our Objective

The purpose of this online community is to bring together individuals across the globe dedicated to learning about business sustainability.

How do we do this? 

Video content... 

To establish a community of like-minded individuals we hope and believe that an audience will learn and engage with business sustainability professionals apart of the Sustainable You Network. Our content looks to provide innovative business sustainability ideas. The purpose of these ideas is to inspire your business change. Let the experts inspire high-quality change in your business with Sustainable You Enterprise.  

Customary Business Reports and Webinars...

Our reports are composed of 100% primary data from up and coming businesses like yours. Each report provides a unique perspective into the inner dimensions of businesses of every size. Our reports maintain a third-party unbiased sustainability evaluation to help you run a better business. Think of these reports as invaluable sustainability case studies of businesses just like yours! 

Research Snapshot Archive...

We believe that transparency and communication is the key to unlocking sustainability success. This is why we are committed to a running curation of all secondary data that we find helpful for business in our network. This curation will be exclusively business sustainability related content. 

Lively Discussion Boards...

We believe that real-time conversation is where true networking begins. Our discussion boards are an opportunity for business collaborators to connect with individuals passionate about business sustainability. Meet and learn from business sustainability pros with a proven track record.

Q&A Forum...

Inquire about key sustainability topics and ideas to develop new business strategies. Our board of experts will help provide the rationale behind important sustainability choices specific to your business.

Embark Sustainability

The possibilities are endless when you let people drive your business. Take a step back and envision a new future for your business with Sustainable You Enterprise. 

Forget about paying consultants thousands of dollars... 

Find simple solutions to your business sustainability issues from people of experience.

Immerse yourself in the presence of business sustainability professionals with a low-cost monthly subscription.

Our Broadest Goal

Connecting with Sustainable You opens up a boundless relationship. Relate with visionaries in the field of sustainability and business. 

ESG Collaborative Services

An improvement of the four key areas of business with the values of ESG.

A collaborative effort to gauge the financial ESG risks a business faces utilizing quantitative estimates

Any positive action of a business will be noticed. Change any brand using the values of ESG.

Human Resources:
To create lasting change, education reinforces positive ESG values throughout the workforce.

Every business process affects the bottom line. Embrace sustainable change by integrating ESG systems.

Join a worldwide movement!

Sustainable Finance as a Trend

The momentum in the “green, social and sustainability supply” will lead to an increase of 55%, to about $726 billion in 2021, compared to the amount issued in 2020, says Damien de Saint Germain, head of credit research and strategy at Crédit Agricole CIB.

Information as Power

Identification is powerful tool for business owners. According to Megan Porter from PG&E, “About 90% of an energy management program involves empowering participants with information.”